Check out this license plate I found:

hatulim license plate

The HATULIM License Plate

(A personalized black & yellow California state license plate.)

This is a weird one. It’s obviously personalized, but what on earth could HATULIM mean?

I first read it as “Hate You, Lim”–which only leads us to the question of what Lim could be. Limitations? A guy named Limothy?

In my research, I have also discovered that Hatulim may be a Hebrew word that either means “mockery” or “cats” depending on the source. Those words seem somewhat related anyway. Maybe if it’s the latter, this person should meet Mr. Purr Nice.

Maybe it’s all of these at once. This person loves cats, enjoys mocking people, and hates when Limothy limits his mocking.

Damn, this plate is deep.