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Some little posts from me to you.

Brunch at Figarot Bistro in Los Feliz, LA

I tried Croque Monsieur and Pain Perdu at Figaro Bistrot

A lovely little French bistro and my first time with this food.

Dinner at Amante Italian Restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles

I tried Ragu, Mussels, & Risotto Milanese at Amante

See what I liked and what I didn’t like, and learn what the devil could do better.

Octopus with potato, cherry tomato, black olive, lemon, red wine vinaigrette

I tried the Octopus at Conference Room

(Re)-trying an octopus appetizer to kickstart being adventurous in food again.

Kini Embu coffee grounds in a tablespoon

I tried Kini Embu coffee

Did you know coffee was invented in Ethiopia?

Verve El Trapiche coffee grounds

I tried Verve El Trapiche coffee

Just an excuse to keep track of what I drink.

Ethan Hulbert's abstract metal art prints: Perplexia.Art!

I launched my art portfolio gallery: Perplexia Art!

A long time in the making – all of my digital art, finally displayed online!

Banana Dang Extinguisher coffee next to my Chicago CTA mug.

I tried Banana Dang Extinguisher coffee

Spoiler: did not taste like bananas. (Dang?)