I tried the Octopus at Conference Room

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I love the Conference Room restaurant in Playa Vista. Completely hidden gem, amazing ambience, and spectacular food every time.

And I love the name, too! “Let’s meet at the Conference Room in 30 minutes,” it’s like I’m working. When I was in college in La Crosse, WI, there was a bar called The Library. “Yeah Dad, don’t worry, no wild parties for me, I’m gonna be at The Library all night.”

The other day, I wanted to try something new-ish, so I got the octopus appetizer, which came with grilled potatoes, cherry tomatoes, black olives, and lemon, in a red wine vinaigrette sauce.

Octopus with potato, cherry tomato, black olive, lemon, red wine vinaigrette

Phew, it was delicious! Just like everything else I’ve had here. Tender, textured, and an amazing dance of flavors. The black olives had a distinctly Greek taste to them (as the restaurant is combined with Rodini Park), and it gave the dish such a glow. The squeezed lemon was a great touch. And the potatoes really covered every base note, too.

I’ve had a fair amount of octopus before, but damn, this is now one of my favorite ways to enjoy it.

Written by Ethan J. Hulbert.

โšโšโš Trifles โšโšโš

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