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My adventures through the years!

Uncorked Wine Festival: Union Station in Los Angeles - Ethan

Uncorked LA: Union Station Wine Event (The Good & The Bad…)

Boy, I sure love wine – and train stations – so this was a good night, right? Well, yes, except for…

Kinneret, Okayceci, and Yung Juul on the All That I Know concert tour in NoHo.

Kinneret Concert @ Knitting Factory w/ Okayceci & Yung Juul

Magical music with some wonderful acts, plus – a haunted bathroom surprise? Are there ghosts in this stall or what?

Costume Zone in Oceanside California

We went to Costume Zone in Oceanside

Antiques galore – vintage treasures, antique weapons, and – hey – is that the Borg? Resistance is futile.

Flying Over LA: My First Time Piloting an Airplane

Join the sky-high journey as I take control of an airplane over LA without ANY TRAINING AT ALL. Is this legal??

The Secret Shrine of Wattles Garden

Discover the sacred zen of Wattles Mansion & Gardens. Plus: What is Harper Monkey Trail? Secrets uncovered (maybe).

Getting EVERY Book Signed at Yallwest Santa Monica

A book-lover’s odyssey: sun, signings, and swag galore. A lot of lines and a lot of authors and a goal accomplished.

Let’s Grab Some Dick’s (Seattle Part 3)

Coffee lover’s paradise at the Roastery, then the taste of Dick’s with friends. Fun in the Emerald City.

Coffee Business (Seattle Part 2)

Inside the business: from a day at Starbucks HQ to a night at Tin Lizzie. I love the luxury!