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My adventures through the years!

The Forbidden Pizza of Seattle (Part 1)

An unplanned journey to the Pacific Northwest: join me on my first day business trip to Seattle.

Hiking Runyon Canyon Park Trail: Snakes, Sights, & Secret Ruins

Earth Day done right: hidden ruins, serpents, and a little bit of history on the side.

Hiking King Gillette Ranch & the Malibu Hindu Temple

Business, hiking, history, and Hinduism – what an exciting day! Join us on an adventure just north of Los Angeles.

Math, Church, & Grand Central (NYC Part 4)

Sick, but determined: the math museum, the cathedral, the terminal, and my stupid illness.

Central Park to Captain Dan’s (NYC Part 3)

Freezing fun in Manhattan – the park and a couple interesting taverns, plus a reunion with an old friend.

Razorfish & Rumble in NYC (Part 2)

The NYC adventure continues: office visits, boxing classes, the Empire State, and some awful comedy.

My First Time in NYC (Part 1)

From missed flights, late-night food frustrations, to our cozy little hideway – here’s night 1 in New York City.

Lauren in LA: Art, Balls, Cats, and More

From lolita fashion to roller coasters: an LA experience with Lauren. Plus some cute cats at Crumbs & Whiskers.