Miscellaneous Novelties

You’ve probably seen my homepage, and if so you’ve already heard about the biggest sections of my site (the Augmenarium blog and Augmenalia zine, the EthanLore adventure blog, the AdCavern advertising blog, and the photo journal). You’ve probably also heard of my other sites (Jadecraft Luxury Consulting, Perplexia Abstract Art, and Astral Gaze Film Photography). Excellent.

The thing is, I have a lot of other random little things on my website, too.

So I will group most of them here. (There are a few secret pages you’ll just have to find on your own.)

Other than my About Me page, I also have a page for my friends, a page of nice testimonials that people have given me, a page about all of my bad qualities, and a sitemap for the whole website.

There’s my little ⚝ Trifles ⚝ blog, which itself is full of miscellaneous posts.

Don’t forget my X-Ray Collection!

There’s also this collection of interesting & personalized License Plates which I have personally found and photographed myself. Always adding more here I have so many.

And of course, my various fan pages. (coming eventually idk)

I also have this very weird normal external blog about Restroom Locks. Don’t ask. I mean, what’s there to ask anyway? It’s so self-evident.

I have this old site that I did sort of as a joke that I should really update one of these years now, but it doesn’t really matter, I mean Nothing Really Mattress anyway.

I have this other website too called Femtotechnology News, and yeah, I know the link is down right now, but it’ll come back up. Any year now.

For now, a link to a TV Tropes page for an old project, which I will make a better page about eventually.

Finally, an oink.

Thank you for exploring my website.

⚝ ⚝ ⚝ ⚝ ⚝