To be honest, this page is less about showing off to you, and more about existing for me to look at when I feel like I need a pick-me-up.

But you can look at it too.

Ethan: Congratulations on your accomplishments. I applaud your impressive achievements.

– Bill Clinton, 42nd President

Ethan is responsible, personable, and enthusiastic. He has a wonderful sense of humor, a very pleasant personality and is very bright. His imagination seems rather boundless! 

He will often suggest a new way of doing something and then will just make it happen. Ethan will do well at anything he puts his mind to.

– Ruth H, Owner/Operator

Ethan was interested in learning well beyond our current curriculum. He was enthusiastic, very interested to learn and participate; he asked very good questions which showed a solid way of thinking.

Thanks to Ethan’s work, the collection of data [from the simulation] was completed in only a month. He is intelligent, hard working and has an inquisitive mind. You will not regret having him in your group.

– Constantin R, Department Chair

Ethan Hulbert is an outstanding person. He is capable, motivated, and focused; in addition, he has shown time and again that he takes his personal achievements seriously, striving for and achieving success in many diverse activities.

I would also like to note that Ethan has a remarkable ability to “pick things up”. In short, he’s one of the quickest studies I’ve ever known. I feel that this intrinsic talent for learning and understanding things in short order will serve him well.

– Matthew K, Instructor

In my many years of teaching, Ethan is one of the more exceptional students I have taught. He has a rare combination of talent and personality traits that make him stand out. He is very intelligent and very passionate and dedicated to those topics and activities that pique his interest.

I am very indebted to Ethan for all he has done in helping to introduce and develop [Science Theory] that I continue to teach. I see Ethan as a “mover and a shaker,” someone who makes things happen.

– Ned H, Instructor

I am very familiar with the accomplishments of this fine man. What I find most promising about Ethan is his view on problem solving. He is not only “book smart”, but has a wonderful innate ability to mix in other experiences from his diverse lifestyle.

Ethan draws not only from academic experiences, but also from music and the arts. He has that enviable ability to view the world in general and problem solving in particular from a wide variety of angles. He feels there is never just one single way to approach a situation.

Ethan is confident enough in himself and his abilities not to be swayed by conventional thought processes. He stands up for what is important to him and is fearless in his attack on a problem. His ability to solve problems in such a way will serve him, and all of us, well in the future. This is a huge advantage for him… it is important to culture his way of observing issues.

We have far too many in the “cookie cutter” mold and too few of the free thinkers. Ethan has the academic “chops” to go up against anybody, but has the added dimension of diversity which allows him to approach everything from a different outlook. These well-rounded thinkers need to be supported.

My experiences with Ethan have always been refreshing and enlightening. Ethan truly marches to the beat of his own drum and we should all rejoice in that confidence.

– Gary L, Director

Ethan is one of the strongest digital marketers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. His strength lies not only in his subject matter expertise in various disciplines (website UX, social media, and especially SEO), but also in the strategic partnership he establishes with his clients and his added insight on the business challenges they face.

Clients I’ve worked with often turned to Ethan for advice on website strategy, impact of changing trends, and all manners of high-level questions. And internally, he’s a go-to expert to consult on all things SEO.

His ability to connect with clients effectively and communicate with team members efficiently make him an A-player to have on any team.

– Mary L, Co-worker

Ethan is an incredible team member. His ability to understand, explain, and drive SEO strategy and execution was tremendously valuable. He was able to translate the value of a complex solution easily to clients. From those ideas came significant business impact.

He has provided detailed points of view and thought leadership that helped our agency grow and develop both internally and externally. As a person he was very thoughtful, generous, and helpful with those around him. The team enjoyed working with him and having him as a valued member of the team.

Jason T, Executive

Ethan J. Hulbert is ambitious, dedicated, and passionate. I had the pleasure of working with Ethan for just under 6 months. In that time, he took it upon himself to engage and train new employees — I owe much of my confidence in website optimization to Ethan’s training and guidance.

He is always willing to serve as a resource to his associates and willingly takes on leadership roles. Although I only had the opportunity to work with Ethan for a short time, I would recommend him for any marketing, writing, or leadership role.

He is confident and professional. He has the capacity to multitask and remain highly organized. I am certain Ethan would be a valuable asset to any organization.

Jessica D, Teammate

Ethan – you are CRUSHING IT, all over, on everything you touch. Thank you so much for all your great work. We appreciate you.

Jenna W, VP

I have never met anyone like Ethan – whether it be professionally or socially. Filled with so much passion for life, it exudes from everything this man sets out to do. Self-motivated, Ethan continues to build off of his already impressive amount of knowledge and ability. He seems to always be working on at least three personal projects ON TOP of his extensive work load. But for a guy like Ethan — this isn’t enough. Whenever Ethan has the time, he takes college courses in a wide array of subjects that interest him (and boy are there a lot!).

You would think that this would make Ethan a basket case, overworked, and near a mental breakdown. I’ve known him for awhile, and I’m happy to say that’s far from the truth. Ethan handles all of his tasks in a timely manner (whether they are personal or professional) with ease, precision, and dedication. His superb ability to manage time means that he’s always a fun person to grab a drink with after a hard work week.

To say Ethan lives a balanced lifestyle is an understatement; I suspect that he’s promised his soul to some wicked witch in turn for “having it all,” but this theory is most likely rooted in envy as opposed to truth.

One of Ethan’s greatest attributes is his ability to teach others. When we worked together, Ethan was my go-to person for any project I needed assistance with. No matter how insane his workload was, Ethan would set aside the time to help. Full of patience and encouragement, Ethan isn’t one to solve the problem for you. Instead he teaches in a manner that resonates with whomever he is aiding, giving him or her the resources and knowledge needed to promote self-sufficiency.

Above all, Ethan is an upstanding guy who knows what he’s talking about. I am very lucky to have worked with him, and he’s a great candidate to consider for any type of position.

Jessie L, Writer

I want to point out how instrumental Ethan has been and I give him my highest praises and thanks. My thoughts from the meeting this morning was that it sounds like if Ethan never caught [these errors]… they would have went live with them. The end result would have been both embarrassing and catastrophic. Again, Ethan really helped save a lot of “face.”

Matt H, Supervisor

Ethan Hulbert is without a doubt, one of the most intelligent individuals I have ever had a chance to work with. Due to his strong analytical skills, Ethan was able to solve problems, discuss issues, and make decisions even under the most difficult circumstances. He also had a very large role in our hiring process and training of employees.

When I first met Ethan, I immediately knew that our office would be in great hands with him as our Marketing Manager due to his hard-working personality. His adaptability, patience, and willingness to help others is second to none. A large part of our company’s success and organization has been due to Ethan’s overall structure within the office.

Ethan also independently owns his own websites that covers nanoscience, film editing, and much more. Whatever the future has in store for him, I am more than confident that he will be successful in his next adventure. Most of all, Ethan is someone I consider a friend.

Andrew M, Co-worker

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ethan for over 9 months now, and I can say through experience, he is a great asset to our organization. When I first started, Ethan was an SEO Specialist – to me, he was the “go-to-guy.”

Ethan seems to have a logical and proactive answer to every question or difficult situation that may arise. His vast knowledge about digital marketing and SEO are of great benefit to everyone in the company, and he makes sure that he is readily available to assist each and every one of us. (Even if that means taking time out of his day to help change your computer screen because you don’t know how).

What makes Ethan an asset to our organization is that he is an effective educator, and a great manager. Ethan can explain the most complex things in a way that anyone could understand. When Ethan quickly got promoted to Marketing Manager, positive changes began occurring immediately. It was astonishing to see how quickly his efforts made an impact on our daily worklife, as well as the future of the organization.

Ethan manages to go above and beyond with his work, even when his workload is unfathomably long, which is a true testament to his organizational skills. I would recommend Ethan for any managerial position relating to digital marketing and/or SEO.

Laura Z, Employee

From day one, Ethan has displayed exemplary dedication to performing his work beyond expectations. While others choose to complete tasks that simply meet standards of quality in a timely manner, Ethan constantly strives to raise the bar and do so efficiently.

His successful performance has resulted in consistently positive feedback from clients and has awarded him a higher position within the company in a very short period of time. This is because he is trustworthy, volunteers his help on tasks that are not directly related to his job description, and makes himself available to clients whose projects he oversees.

His professional demeanor is unparalleled and is reflected in both the way he dresses and behaves. He is a leader on many fronts, and it is a pleasure to see how he continually rises to the challenge as the company grows. I highly recommend Ethan for his extensive knowledge in the internet marketing field and his overall reliability.

Thomas B, Sales Director

Ethan is a very detail oriented and knowledgeable worker, who is always willing to assist his fellow coworkers with projects. He strives to keep his clients satisfied and will go the extra mile in order to do so.

Ethan is a great leader, and I have learned a lot from him in the time that I have been here. Ethan is able to work on a variety of complex tasks simultaneously, but still makes himself available for his clients, and his coworkers, which is greatly appreciated.

Rebecca P, Employee

Ethan is a detailed worker who strives to please his clients in any way possible. He’s a skilled writer and problem solver who always helps out. Ethan provides some of the best customer service I have seen in the company.

He’s a team player and is always willing to aid others, sharing his technical skills with co-workers in the office. Anyone who gets the chance to work alongside Ethan will be able to learn a lot from him.

Angela R, Marketer

Ethan is a true SEO expert. I have learned so much about SEO by working with Ethan. He is always available to clients and patient at explaining best practices and debunking SEO myths. He has educated and empowered the client with knowledge, and was available during implementation to ensure that SEO requirements were properly implemented.

The client changed their minds a lot and their modifications impacted SEO strategy. Ethan was good at openly communicating what impact the changes would have and worked with the client to help provide a mid-way point.

Ethan researched SEO tracking tools and provided honest and open advice on which vendor would work best for their business needs. This was not always easy because the client would think they came up with a great idea and Ethan would have to tell them, “but that conflicts with your business requirement of…” The client always valued Ethan’s work and enjoyed working with him. Same goes for me and the project team!

Ethan is a great communicator and very patient explaining all the details of SEO to the client and the rest of the team.

Mary F, Project Manager

In addition to being an SEO expert, Ethan is a detailed, motivated, and enthusiastic team member. I watched him build positive internal and client-facing relationships during my time working with him on the [OEM] Automobiles Website. His passion for SEO is at the forefront of his work and I have confidence that he would be a strong asset on any team.

Nikki R, Producer

I used to think I “got” SEO, but working with Ethan opened up a whole new world of marketing strategy to me. He’s not only on top of the trends and technologies that drive his expertise, he’s also able to tie everything back to the bigger picture of why we’re running a campaign a particular way or how the tactics he’s laid out will help align the marketing and business goals. On top of that, Ethan is one of the most genuine and creative people I’ve ever worked with. He’s so multi-talented and humble in sharing his ideas that his presence on any project automatically levels up the work. If you get the chance to collaborate with him, hop on it, your work and team will definitely be better for it.

Amanda W, Strategy Director

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ethan on a number of projects for the past 3.5 years. Not only is Ethan an amazing partner whose always willing to lend a helping hand, he’s a brilliant digital strategist whose strongly growth-minded.

Even though Ethan was tasked with leading the SEO efforts for our site, it’s obvious from working with him that he has an incredible grasp and expertise on the growth & digital marketing landscape.

Often Ethan would provide recommendations without being prompted outside of a specific project, just for the sake of making our site better. I always appreciated his insights and care for our team and the work. It was such a pleasure working with Ethan and anyone would be lucky to have him on their team!

Lauren M, Executive Producer

Ethan is a fascinating person and a brilliant storyteller, which speaks volumes about his professional expertise (not to mention his presentation skills). Because in SEO, as in life, capturing attention is both a science of unpacking contextual variables and an art of being genuinely interesting. There are plenty of talented scientists in this business who can connect dots; Ethan sets himself apart as someone who can weave those threads into something meaningful, valuable, and useful.

Simon S, Creative Director