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Attending the 2020 Digital Marketers Organization Advanced Search Summit Conference in Napa

From SEO insights to wine tours and a castle masquerade, dive into the unforgettable experience of this Napa event.

The 11 Essential (Free) WordPress Plugins I Immediately Install on Every Website I Make

Fairly basic info for this site, but I found myself linking these so much I figured I’d make it available to everyone.

Who Fears the Ellipses? or, Change Your Mindset: Long Title Tags are Better for SEO

No one else is talking about this, but here’s why longer title tags will give you a major edge in search.

Dan Hollick's image on QR code anatomy.

Some Interesting QR Code Links

I went down a total QR code rabbit hole and learned that they’re more interesting than I thought. Come see why.

Zoomed out HTML and CSS with a stupidly long class name.

Did You Know That CSS Class Names Can Be REALLY Long? (And Other Rules)

Learn all the quirky rules about CSS classes here, from MY mistakes, so you don’t have to pull your hair out later.

What I Learned from “Elephants in Your Mailbox”

From ’60s catalog marketing to ecommerce today, Rogher Horchow’s journey holds valuable lessons for modern marketers.

Google’s SERPs Further Blur Ads – Digiday

I was quoted in a Digiday article about Google blurring the boundaries of ad labels in search. Here it is.