Augmenalia is my personal, hand-made, analog zine.

Common themes include art, history, experimentation, and community.

Issues #01 and #02 of Ethan Hulbert's personal zine Augmenalia

No AI, no desktop publishing software, nothing much digital at all.

Just me, a pair of scissors, double-sided tape, art supplies, and a photocopier.

It’s a personal zine, frequently discussing weird & classic art, history (especially in exploration and etymology), personal development and growth, and lots of experimentation. There are riddles in every issue and no one has gotten more than 4/5 right so far. It’s only getting better and more personal as it goes on.

Issue #03

The third issue will probably happen towards the end of 2024. I have nebulous ideas for it, but I’m focusing my attention on other, new, standalone single-subject zines first. And yet I can’t stop myself from thinking of new directions to pursue for Augmenalia in the background!

Issue #02

The second issue was published at the end of April 2024, with a first print run of 41 copies–double the printings of the first issue! After those were depleted, I made a second print run of 15 more issues, for 56 copies in total!

The cover of Augmenalia Issue #02 against a stack of them. Back cover and front cover of Augmenalia Issue #02. Stack of spines for the color zine cover of Augmenalia Issue #02. A spread of Augmenalia Issue #02 covers, totally covering the photo area.

The first edition of Issue #02 is all claimed, but I have a few more of the second print run available.

Issue #01

Augmenalia Zine Issue #01 - Jan 2024 - 21 copies total

Augmenalia Issue #01 was published January 17th, 2024, in a limited run of 21 issues. All 21 are now spoken for. I will not be printing more of Issue #01. Gotta keep some things a little more mysterious, y’know?