I have some pretty great friends. Here are some of their websites:

  • My friend Katie Braun is an exceptionally talented visual design artist. She does 2D design, character development, and other assorted art and illustration stuff in Chicago and wherever.
  • My friend Jean Louise, an interaction designer who I know waaaay back from Wisconsin.
  • My friend Dan Rudd and his absolutely amazing band Boy Hero!
  • My friend Anna Holmquist is a really talented musician – check out her Bandcamp and Twitter!
  • My friend Laura Thompson, a web developer and ex co-worker & pal.
  • My friend Alex Barrón is a really creative artist. He’s also an expert framer and does a great job managing April 7s Custom Framing in Chicago, IL, and he’s repaired some antique frames for me with supreme skill too.
  • My friend Stanislav Golovchuk runs Medium Gallery, which has a lot of great photos and interesting features about life and fun in Chicago. He’s taken some excellent photos of me over the years as well.
  • My friend Martin Nelson is like, seriously one of the best video editors ever. This guy is legit. But even more importantly, he’s a great dude with a fun sense of humor. Also, another cat owner.
  • My friend Andria Gordon is a child sleep training consultant in Canada. Honestly, I never even knew what baby sleep coaching was until I helped her with her website.

I have a lot more friends than this, but alas! Most of them don’t have websites

Oh yeah, and then there’s this old button:

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