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What is AdCavern?

AdCavern is my dedicated writing space for advertising topics that I think could be of interest to other advertising professionals.

It’s where I discuss some of my ideas, talk about my experiences in the world of marketing, give my notes on relevant books, and store the odd press mention I get, too.

It’s meant to be completely unique. I don’t cover “industry news” and I’m not going to write the same dozen articles that every other blog has about the basics–or even the intermediates.


I’ve had a blog like this in some form or other for ten years. You’ll note the first post was published 12/29/2014 and has screenshots from Google Webmaster Tools, not Search Console. There were a few even older articles that I may republish someday after a little cleanup, too.

But my content hasn’t always lived here. It’s floated from website to website while I found my identity in the industry. I think the first website I specifically made for this was called Corporate Charm.

My old logo for my first business blog, Corporate Charm

Then, for a long while it lived at a website I called Search Grotto with a retro 8-bit dungeon theme. I liked the imagery of my website being some sort of special cave you had to go to in order to get my unique perspective.

The 8-bit retro video game dungeon logo for my old SEO blog Search Grotto

But because my writing went beyond just search, I decided I needed a cleaner and clearer website name. Switching to “AdGrotto” didn’t have quite the same ring to it, and I wanted to keep the same general imagery. So I went to AdCavern instead.

The old AdCavern logo in red and white.

Then for a while it lived on a personal portfolio website. But I finally decided to bring it all back to my own homepage and use the AdCavern name for the section of the website.

Welcome to the cavern.


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