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I went to see the Kinneret concert at the Knitting Factory in North Hollywood, CA. Kinneret was preceded by two opening acts, Okayceci and Yung Juul. It was a wonderful show! (This was Thursday, April 27, 2023.)

I was first introduced to Kinneret’s music back at the first Dev Lemons concert a couple years back. (I don’t think I’ve written about that one – maybe in the future.)

Kinneret, by the way, is pronounced “kin-NAIR-et.” She has a whole song about that, as well as this crowd participation game to really get it across:


I had never heard of Okayceci before, but I was somewhat aware of Yung Juul since I follow Kinneret on social media and she and Yung Juul – real name PJ – are dating.

I got to the venue and hung around a bit, and as the crowd was forming, Yung Juul came on!

Yung Juul

(Links: Insta / Tiktok / Spotify / Soundcloud)

I was very entertained!

Yung Juul performing

Yung Juul DJing at the Knitting Factory in Noho

The crowd loved him and he put on a great show. It was a very good opener to the rest of the night. He was also in the back coordinating the sound and progression for Okayceci and Kinneret as they did their things too.


(Links: Insta / Tiktok / Spotify / YouTube)

I absolutely loved the Okayceci portion of the show. Okayceci – real name Cecilia Valentina – came out and entranced the crowd immediately. Here’s thirty seconds of “Lonely”:


Okayceci has amazing electronic-influenced bedroom pop and I was very happy to be introduced to her songs.

I tried to follow her more closely in this video:


Such a great voice, and a great choice of an opening act, warmed the crowd up a ton.

Okayceci performing music in Los Angeles CA

Great sounds, great music. I’d absolutely go to a concert just for her.


(Links: Insta / Tiktok / Spotify / YouTube)

As I was expecting, Kinneret came on and had an excellent set. Enthusiasm, happiness, tons and tons of energy. Absolutely blew everybody away!

Kinneret doing a gag with Yung Juul - All That I Know concert tour.

Here’s a bit of Big Tornado:


After a few of her hits, she had Okayceci come back on to perform a song they did together, Falling On Me:


Very cool to see them sing together, and all three of them (including Yung Juul) on stage!

Kinneret, Okayceci, and Yung Juul on stage together at the Knitting Factory.

Kinneret and Okayceci singing together live in North Hollywood, CA.

Kinneret and Okayceci performing live music in NoHo, Los Angeles.Kinneret had been traveling around the country on her All That I Know tour, and this was her very last stop. And for her last song on her last stop, she of course chose No Wind Resistance! – which is the song she’s best known for online.

Here’s her and Yung Juul performing it and then ending the show together!


What a spectacular performance – all of them – I’m very glad I went.

The Knitting Factory

I had never heard of the Knitting Factory before, but it was a pretty neat little venue. It’s a second story space, located right near the red line stop and some restaurants and bars. Very convenient.

I bought a shirt off of Okayceci and got it signed (not pictured here), and I got Kinneret’s signature in my signature jacket. (I may have gotten Okayceci’s too, I forget at the moment.)

Kinneret's heart autograph in washproof marker.

I also learned that the Knitting Factory, or perhaps just the large stall in the men’s room, is haunted?

Haunted house index thing in the bathroom stall.

Sarabande Books Inc Index of Haunted Houses emblem.

We later called this number and got a labyrinthian index of automated answering options. I have no idea what Sarabande Books is. The bartender had never even noticed this thing before – he had to come in and look for himself.

Spooky indeed.


I was lucky enough to go to the afterparty nearby with some other fine folks I met at the concert.

Dancing in the dark.

I bought some drinks, danced, and played a very poor game of pool.

Fun times and a great concert!

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Written by Ethan J. Hulbert.

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