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Some little posts from me to you.

East Timor Peaberry Coffee from Woodcat.

I tried East Timor Peaberry coffee

Learn why I hate Jimmy Carter!

My COVID-17 Vaccination Card Joke

Oh geez, I got the wrong vaccine! Now I gotta do it all over again.

A large ad on the sidewalk with terrible ad copywriting.
Ethan Hulbert in a Dewey Duck mask as an adult and as a child.

The Dewey Mask: Now vs. Then

Wow, can you even tell which photograph is of me when I was younger vs. older?

The predicted future timeline of my entire life, millions of years ahead.

The Predicted Timeline of My Entire Life

I predicted my entire life when I was 13 years old. Learn when I’m supposed to escape an Iraqi prison.

9 Quick Facts on Femtochemistry

An article I wrote for a friend’s chemical engineering blog, which is now dead – so I put it here.

Hipster Kitty Meme Archive

I made SO many original hipster kitty memes for Tumblr, WAY before it was cool. They’re probably too obscure for you.