Check out this license plate I found:

alln460 license plate

The ALLN460 License Plate

(A personalized black & yellow California state license plate.)

I’m pretty sure this one means All In For Sixty. Okay, cool, wrap it up.

Wait–wait, what does that mean? All in for sixty what?

Perhaps they bought this Lexus when they turned 60 and put all their savings into it?

Maybe it’s a 60th anniversary? Or California State Route 60? (You know – get your kicks, on route, sixty — the end.)

Perhaps they are big fans of hours being 60 minutes AND minutes being 60 seconds. I’ve always loved that too. 60 in 60. It’s all in. (?)

Of course, for all I know, it could be All In 460, with the number representing a bet of some sort that won them this car?

I’m not even ruling out Allen 460, although I think there have probably been more than 460 Allens in the world.

There are probably sixty different explanations on what this could mean, and I’m all in for all of them.