Check out this license plate I found:

prrnnce license plate

The PRRNNCE License Plate

(A personalized black & yellow California state license plate.)

I mean, this means Prince, right? It’s a Lexus GX, which is a mid-range luxury SUV, so it’s kind of what a prince would drive… I guess. Maybe more like a Duke tbh. A DUUKKE.

No offense to Mr. Prrinnce here but if I were a prince with an SUV it would be a Porsche Macan or an Aston Marton DBX.

But I suppose the royal budget does need some consideration.

Alternatively, perhaps this license plate means PURR NICE and this regent is more worried about cat hair than court heirs. Maybe his persian kitty has a real loud purr, and so he dedicated the Lexus to it. That seems more appropriate for the right kind of cat.