Check out this license plate I found:

famsuv license plate on a kia sorento

The FAMSUV License Plate

(A personalized white California state license plate.)

I love how self-explanatory this one is. Obviously, FAMSUV stands for Family SUV (which itself stands for Sport Utility Vehicle, if you didn’t know).

These people probably have a lovely family and drive around in their SUV together. Isn’t that cute!

It’s a Kia Sorento, which I have to add is an excellent choice for a mid-size SUV, with an interior passenger volume of 105.3 cubic feet across 7 seats. That family is probably super comfortable.

Of course, for all I know, it could be something else. FAMS UV – someone famous for UV lights? FA MSU V – a Fine Arts major from Michigan State University, and it’s their fifth (V) car? Anything is possible.