Banana Dang Extinguisher coffee next to my Chicago CTA mug.

I tried Banana Dang Extinguisher coffee

The funny thing is, this is probably the last coffee I would’ve picked up for myself, because I am aggressively impartial about bananas. I don’t hate them, but I mean, why would you ever eat a banana when you could have any other fruit?

A banana is no rambutan, that’s for damn sure.

But Alex got me this bag of Banana Dang “Extinguisher” coffee as a gift, and the folks at my nearby local downtown LA coffee shop were nice enough to grind it for me.

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Zoomed out HTML and CSS with a stupidly long class name.

Did you know that CSS class names can be pretty much infinitely long?

File this under some obscure CSS bullshit that few people will ever need to know.

I hired a great developer to build a WordPress plugin that would import an uploaded Excel file on the back end and then use it to fill out copy on a website based on a shortcode.

Basically I could use a shortcode like (row=4 A B C) to mean that it would take row 4 of whatever spreadsheet, and then display cells A1 and A4, then B1 and B4, then C1 and C4.

The idea is that the column headers are the data labels, so if row 1 is “Name: ” “Age: ” “Height: ” and you have a bunch of data beneath it, this plugin is a quick way of displaying “Name: John” “Age: 34” “Height: 6 Feet” on a page, if that’s the data in row 4.

I also wanted to pull this text into CSS classes around each element, so it would dynamically put class=”John” (for example) around the “John” text on the website. That way I could have the flexibility to style things across the site easily, like if I wanted every person named John to be blue text, boom, one line of CSS.

Unfortunately I had to get two revisions made because of obscure (to me) facts about CSS class names.

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East Timor Peaberry Coffee from Woodcat.

I tried East Timor Peaberry coffee

Ever since I learned about East Timor it’s stuck in my mind. I only recently learned of the history of genocide and oppression and it made me pretty sick.

It still boils my blood whenever people talk about former president Jimmy Carter as if he was some great guy who could do no wrong. I mean, Ford and other presidents also contributed to the Indonesian invasion and genocide of East Timor, but no one with quite as much enthusiasm as Carter! He even sent a public relations expert to help spin it towards the public.

Really, Jimmy Carter and his administration pumped up the evil Indonesian rapists and murderers with so much money and equipment and weaponry they had no chance of losing. It was “the worst genocide relative to population since World War II.

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