Costume Zone in Oceanside California

We went to Costume Zone in Oceanside

So Alex and I wandered into this place called Costume Zone the other day down in Oceanside, and man, was it wild. I had to take some photos of all the antiques and other things. I’m pretty sure some of this stuff has been in here since it was brand new in the 80s.

Unfortunately the old fashioned looking guns in this case were props only or I would’ve so spent the money on one of them. (That is a real sword though.)

the weapons cabinet - a sword, some ornate pistols

Also some pretty neat cameras, not that I need any more of those:

antique cameras on the antique store shelf

There were some strange phones that seemed like crosses between dial phones and rotary phones. Why else have the number buttons in a circle? It’s like they were still using the molds from the rotary days. Who knows?

strange somewhat old antique phones

They had some of the most random pins imaginable, a ton from random old 2000s movies that were extremely forgettable, as well as this Pope John Paul World Youth Day 1993 Denver magnet for some reason:

a pope john paul magnet from 1993

They did costume rentals and Halloween costumes too in the other back section, but the antiques were where it was at. Just look at all this stuff. There was so much clutter packed into this little area you could spend all day sorting it out.

interior of costume zone, tons of clutter

costume zone inside, hats, junk, valuables

I did see one particularly badass costume though — this very accurate Borg costume from Star Trek:

an original borg costume from star trek the next generation on a mannequin

Gotta admit… that one is pretty cool.