My COVID-17 Vaccination Card Joke

This is how I got vaccinated for COVID-17.

After I got my third vax shot, I decided it would be funny to do a little stupid photoshop prank.

I posted about getting my shot on my Instagram story, and then waited a day for that story to expire.

Then I faked a conversation as though a friend was pointing out that my vaccine card said “17” instead of “19” — and since the story was expired, it was impossible for anyone to go back and check to verify it.

I took a screenshot of this “conversation” and posted it along with this photoshopped image of my vax card, which is all real except for the fact that I changed all three instances of “19” to “17” with some quick graphic wizardry.

Faking that I've been getting vaxxed for the wrong covid this entire time.

Can you believe it? Here I was getting vaxxed for the wrong COVID this whole time! Everyone else was getting the COVID-19 vaccine, but due to some mistake, I’d been spending months working my way up on the COVID-17 vaccine. And everyone knows that’s useless!

Most of my friends probably didn’t fall for it, but there were a couple who absolutely bought it. “What? Oh no. That’s crazy. I didn’t even know COVID-17 was a thing. You have to start all over? That sucks.”

I even pushed it further: “Yeah, and since I started with 17, they say I might have to go through the COVID-18 vaccines too before they even let me get to 19.”

“Damn man, that sucks.”

So do your part to stop the spread of COVID-17: wear a mask, wash your hands, and avoid photoshop!

(I promise this was a dumb practical joke and not an attempt at a fraudulent vaccine card, thank you for laughing along with me, federal agents)