Verve El Trapiche coffee grounds

I tried Verve El Trapiche coffee

Verve is the closest coffee shop to my apartment downtown, and thank goodness it’s one of the best! My only complaint is that it’s so good that it’s always full because everyone else knows how good it is too.

(I guess my other minor complaints are: not enough vegan options, and a little overly fancy/not the indie vibe I like. But whatever.)

Verve is great because whenever I get coffee as a gift, I can take it there and they’ll grind it for me. They always do it for free, but I always support them and buy a bag of theirs at the same time too. Doesn’t hurt that it’s excellent coffee.

So when I got that Banana Dang coffee ground, I got a bag of Verve El Trapiche coffee too. And wow, it’s great!

Verve El Trapiche Coffee and my mug

It’s single-origin Costa Rica with notes of green apple, honeysuckle, and lime leaf. I can never really taste the notes, but I love single-origin coffees because I feel like I’m getting the terroir of a specific region.

The El Trapiche is great! I really like this one, it’s a strong flavor but still has a nice lightness to it, not overly acidic, lasts a long time, and is very satisfying. This is a really good one.

I hope you like my personalized Garfield mug up there too by the way – I’ll have to make a post about that sometime.

Coffee in a coffee pot and the back of the Verve bag.

The back of the bag, for reference.

Good stuff, as usual. Thanks Verve!