Banana Dang Extinguisher coffee next to my Chicago CTA mug.

I tried Banana Dang Extinguisher coffee

The funny thing is, this is probably the last coffee I would’ve picked up for myself, because I am aggressively impartial about bananas. I don’t hate them, but I mean, why would you ever eat a banana when you could have any other fruit?

A banana is no rambutan, that’s for damn sure.

But Alex got me this bag of Banana Dang “Extinguisher” coffee as a gift, and the folks at my nearby local downtown LA coffee shop were nice enough to grind it for me.

Banana Dang coffee grounds in a tablespoon.

And luckily, it does not taste like bananas!

It’s actually really good. Got a very light and creamy taste to it. Not bad at all.

Note that I have no idea at all why it’s called “Extinguisher.” The three flavors they have are named that, “Super Monkey,” and “Ethiopia.” So the latter is the origin and the former is something related to bananas I guess. But Extinguisher? I really don’t know.

The shop seems pretty neat though, and Oceanside is a good time. So, thanks!