Check out this license plate I found:

dacboyz license plate

The DACBOYZ License Plate

(A personalized scenic Arizona state license plate.)

Yeah yeah, just another sports plate, but I do like how it’s abbreviated at least. DACBOYZ means DA C BOYZ means The Cowboyz – ah, Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys.

Doubly reinforced by the license plate frame, which again is about the Dallas Cowboys. The frame brings this one down, in my opinion. The plate itself could be cute but the frame on top of the plate is like explaining the joke, it’s no longer funny.

No other interests or personality to show off, just more cowboys? Okay.

Ironically it’s on an Arizona state license plate (the Grand Canyon state) so this guy isn’t even in Dallas. A lot of mixed signals here.

This plate would be cooler if it was DAC BOYZ, and DAC meant something like… Death And Chaos Boyz – badass. The Daring Adventure Club Boyz – well, a little less badass and a little more Hardy Boyz-esque but still cooler than sucking up to a sports team.

Even just Da Cool Boyz, if that’s like, the little nickname they have for their group of friends they get beers with every Friday, that would be infinitely cooler.

We can only hope!