Hipster Kitty Meme Archive

Remember when Tumblr used to be a fun place to visit and not this horrid shell of what it used to be like it is now?

I do. I was on tumblr a lot. And when I saw the hipster kitty meme in 2010 I jumped on it.

Of course, I got on the trend before it was popular. Duh.

So here are all the hipster kitty memes I made for Tumblr.

photoshop and scotch tape hipster kitty meme
Pretty accurate to me – as a kid I grew up using white-out, tape, and a copy machine with my mom’s help to make documents and newsletters and all sorts of creative things.
tumblr site down hipster kitty meme
Tumblr went down a lot. Of course, it was down all the time in 2006 (before it launched).
tumblr radar sonar hipster kitty meme
It’s true, I hated the tumblr radar.
toilets are so mainstream, don't you have a litterbox hipster kitty meme
I’d believe that a hipster would use a litter box. But I never did, to be clear.
this halloween, i'm dressing up as the concept of dressing up as an ironic costume, ironically hipster kitty meme
A shirt with “costume” written on it is so basic. A shirt with “shirt with costume written on it” is at least a little better, but if you’re wearing it ironically…
openly claim to like pop music but don't actually, ironically hipster kitty meme
This is 100% accurate to me, as I realized I liked pop music when it was cool to hate on it, and then I still stood up for it even though my tastes went back to weird stuff.
i was raptured yesterday hipster kitty meme
I think there was some supposed rapture happening but nowadays this one is just a non sequitur, which is fine, you probably don’t get what it references anyway.
my name was too mainstream hipster kitty meme
This one is based off of Geno, a very obscure character in a retro vintage video game. You probably haven’t heard of him.
mainstream is overused hipster kitty meme
Who says “mainstream” anymore?
ke-dollar-sign-ha? no thanks i prefer ke-euro-sign-ha hipster kitty meme
I was (and am) a huge Ke$ha fan so I really liked this one. Unfortunately someone else made this same joke a month later and theirs went viral instead of mine. It’s ok though, mine ended up being the more obscure version.
i play laptop hipster kitty meme
i don't listen to music, i listen to art hipster kitty meme
Accurate to me.
i liked time travel tomorrow hipster kitty meme
I’m pretty big on time travel, but Hipster Kitty knew about it tomorrow before we did today.
baths are too mainstream i lick myself hipster kitty meme
Please enjoy the mental image of a hipster licking him or herself clean.
hangovers are so mainstream i hang under hipster kitty meme
Probably written while hungover.
my clothes are hand knit from organic antimatter hipster kitty meme
I was proud of this one – loved how out-of-nowhere antimatter came from.
celebrated halloween last week hipster kitty meme
When Halloween is on a Wednesday you celebrate the weekend before.
favorite word in the dictionary is group, it's under ground hipster kitty meme
I checked a dictionary for this.
no geophone player? i'll pass hipster kitty meme
A geophone is a French-invented percussion instrument that has a lot of tiny rocks rolling around and emulates shifting Earth… but you probably have never heard of it.
mp3 player? no no, flac player hipster kitty meme
Honestly, do you even care about sound quality at all?
favorite color is infrared hipster kitty meme
I did a lot of infrared photography so this one is accurate to me.
did you hear the one about the hipster? hipster kitty meme
I think this is a common joke now but I hadn’t heard it back then.
photographs? (photographgs) no i make daguerreotypes hipster kitty meme
Preserving the typo for posterity. Daguerreotypes are badass.
cinco de mayo on the fourth hipster kitty meme
Why are you still celebrating on the fifth?
i never thought you'd be a junkie because catnip is so passe dandy warhols hipster kitty meme heroin
This is a reference to the Dandy Warhols but it’s ok if you don’t understand it.
betamax player hipster kitty meme
Well I also have it on LaserDisc if that helps.
ron howard in andy griffith show hipster kitty meme
Accurate to me.
that album comes out next month, i'll be tired of listening to it by then hipster kitty meme
Very accurate to me. I used to know this guy (who I only actually knew by the name “the beast with 1000 tongues”) who somehow had access to albums months before they’d come out, and I regularly got them from him.
it's 294 kelvin outside hipster kitty meme
Sorry if you don’t understand this by default.
credit card? no thanks, i only pay in two dollar bills hipster kitty meme
Saved my personal favorite for last. I’ve always wanted to just pay for things solely in wads of two dollar bills.

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. It’s ok if some of these references were too obscure for you.

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