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Ethan Hulbert's abstract metal art prints: Perplexia.Art!

I launched my art portfolio gallery: Perplexia Art!

This has been a long time coming. Some of these pieces are over ten years old. But I finally, finally put them all together, with full descriptions, captions, links, citations, poetry, and everything!

I give you: Perplexia.Art!

137 pieces of visual art, spread among three galleries. 137!!!

The three galleries are…


The Perplexia abstract gallery.



The Perplexia Glitch and poetry gallery.


And Test (Experimental):

The Perplexia Test Experimental art gallery.


Plus, each glitch piece has a corresponding poem, totaling 54 works of poetry total.

Even the image in the header on this website comes from my abstract collection – it’s from a piece called Phantom Infrastructure.

I hope you like my art, but either way, I love it all and I’m super proud of it!