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A large ad on the sidewalk with terrible ad copywriting.

This bizarre text conversation ad copy I saw in Napa

I was on a work trip to Napa, out for a walk, when I saw this ad on the sidewalk.

Hey, U ok?
Need help?

idk, feelin’ low
No one
& peeps will
be talkin.

others be thinkn…
I CARE & gonna
help U… Let’s go! : )

I mean look, I’m all for reaching out and helping your friends and I’m sure I’d support the work that Aldea is doing. But man if this isn’t some of the worst fake text conversation advertising copy I’ve ever seen.

If anyone starts texting me like this, our friendship is done. Sorry.

And yes I did code custom CSS classes with silly names just to make that text conversation match the graphic. That’s just the extra effort you can expect from me. You’re welcome.

peeps will be talkn tho