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I love film more than anything.

Don’t get me wrong – digital photos are great. It’s easy to take a hundred and pick out the one that works. It’s easy to thoughtlessly snap them off without being in the moment. It’s easy to retouch, reedit, and completely redo your skin and eyes and smile and figure and world until you’re unnaturally flawless thanks to photoshop.

I think digital photography has only magnified the importance of film. Film is vital, real, finite. You can touch it, feel the photo in your hand, leave a fingerprint on it. You don’t even get to see it until it’s developed. Film is deliberate and mindful, with each shot done manually and carefully. But film is also genuine, authentic. You can’t fake it. There’s no editing here. No hiding flaws, not in the camerawork and not in the subject. I am not a film snob, but I do believe that (when done right) film captures who a person really is, better than digital photography ever will.

I primarily use a Petri FT 35mm SLR camera, the same one my father used in the 1960s. Petri stopped making cameras around 40 years ago.

I have a BA in Film from Columbia and have been taking pictures of people on film for ~8 years.




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